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Your branded platform for virtual meetings, chat, goals, and notes. For professional coaches, facilitators, and educators that want to enhance their member experience and grow their business.

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Meetings are the heart of every cohort.
Make them awesome.

Organize more effective meetings with agendas, timers, goals and notes built into the meeting experience. Watch engagement and satisfaction climb as meetings take on a new life.

nucleus messaging tool

Messages organized around cohorts and channels that carry through the conversation.

Whether you’re in a meeting or requesting adhoc feedback -- with nucleus, your messages persist. So much valuable communication is shared in a group collaboration setting -- don't let it get lost.

nucleus projects and tasks

Make goals a core part of the experience.

Goals are an essential component of effective cohort -- increase accountability and visibility with goals that remain present throughout meetings and groups.

nucleus teams and groups

Easily view and organize your members.

Orchestrate meaningful collaboration and efficiently manage cohorts in your program.

nucleus note taking

Meeting notes and history always saved, easily accessible.

Make it easy for members to look back and show the value of participating in your cohort.

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Eliminate the organization overload that prevents you from doing the work that matters