Branded Video Conferencing

Nucleus includes video conferencing built in. The unique custom meeting room is built to keep meetings on track and help groups stay focused. There is an agenda with a timer that’s visible to everyone in the group so people know how much time has been allocated for a topic and can easily see when that time is running out. Meeting Facilitators can control the timer to add time or skip ahead as needed.

Each meeting includes a group chat that will automatically be saved to the meeting history and can be shared with the attendees to make it easier to follow up

Meeting recordings can be automatically saved to the automated meeting history log along with the in meeting notes, list of attendees, final agenda times and chat messages shared during the meeting.

The Nucleus meeting room can be customized to include your brand logo and your brand colors to create your own custom branded video conferencing or virtual meeting rooms.

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Each Nucleus organization includes a default subdomain at nucleusapp(dot)io but you can also set your organization and meeting rooms to show up at your own custom subdomain or domain.

Invite guests to easily join meetings with just their name and email address and no downloading required.