meeting agenda

Release 248

Upgraded: Web app framework
New: Allow changing public channels to private and vice versa
Updated: Removed dominant speaker camera switching
Fixed: Agenda builder drag and drop bug
Fixed: Meeting agenda skip button not working after segment edits
Fixed: Chat errors
Fixed: Meeting errors
Fixed: Participant being duplicated in meeting bug
Fixed: Activity summary emails not sending
Fixed: Various UI/UX bugs

Release 247

New: Allow participants to use custom backgrounds during virtual meetings

New: Improved video layout for high capacity meetings (> 10 participants)

New: Improved audio/video for high capacity meetings (> 10 participants)

New Improved audio/video quality for primary speaker/presenter during virtual meetings

New: Improved chat interface with additional formatting options

New: Noise cancelation in virtual meeting room using Krisp

New: Option for Admin/Facilitator to set redirect for meeting guests when meeting ends

New: Include segment details on meeting history page

New: Direct messages available during all meeting types

New: Live agenda for in person meetings

New: Live notes during in person meetings

New: Live chat during in person meetings

New: Attendance tracking for in person meetings

New: Optional email reminder sent when in person meeting starts

Updated: Link in meeting started email reminder links to live agenda for 3rd party conference meetings

Upgraded: Video quality during virtual meetings

Upgraded: Include time period in email subject line for activity summary emails

Updated: Password reset pages and email are white labeled when custom domain and email are in use.

Fixed: Connection errors during virtual meetings

Fixed: Incorrect message showing when members were upgraded to facilitators

Fixed: Support email delivery bug

Fixed: Chat loading bugs

Fixed: Next meeting date not showing on group meeting table

Fixed: Various bugs and UX issues

Release 246

New: Option for participants to blur their background during virtual meetings
New: Threaded chat replies
New: Agenda with timer for 3rd party conference meetings including goals for spotlight segments
New: Live notes for 3rd party conference meetings
New: Chat messages for 3rd party conference meetings
New: Attendance tracking for 3rd party conference meetings (via the live agenda)
Fixed: Past meeting chat messages not showing during active meetings
Fixed: Activity Summary email bug
Fixed: Past meeting notes showing out of order (current meeting was showing 2nd not first)
Updated: Twilio STUN IRI
Fixed: Bug preventing removing members from groups
Fixed: Chat notification emails not being sent
Fixed: Chat push notifications not being sent

Release 244

New: Allow admins and facilitators to create new agenda segments during an active meeting
New: Allow admins and facilitators to delete agenda segments during an active meeting
New: Allow admins and facilitators to edit agenda segments during an active meeting
New: Allow admins and facilitators to reorder agenda segments during an active meeting
New: Allow users to see future and past agenda segments during an active meeting
New: Automatically switch to presenter mode for Spotlight segments
New: Allow users to select multiple time period for Activity Summary emails (daily, weekly, monthly) instead of just one
New: Helper text to explain how “Watchers” work
Updated: Activity Summary email to include time period
Updated: Restrict users from viewing goals in inactive organizations
Updated: Increased email server storage
Fixed: Deleted chat channel errors
Fixed: Disabled all notification for inactive organizations
Fixed: Duplicate emails being sent for goal notifications
Fixed: Activity Summary email errors

Release 236

New: Edit channel names in messaging
New: Assigned note taker name is displayed with meeting notes during the meeting
New: Custom branding colors used for main menu icons
New: Bulk select members on the group page to remove from group
Updated: Meeting description/summary max characters increased to 5000
Fixed: Attachments can be sent in chat without text
Fixed: Link previews sized to fit display window
Fixed: Meeting agenda start bug
Fixed: Chat loading bug
Fixed: Member profiles for members who don’t share a group cannot be accessed when community feature is disabled
Fixed: Phone icon hidden if no phone number is added to the member profile
Fixed: Date input is disabled when Instant Meeting option is selected
Fixed: Organization switcher access on mobile devices
Fixed: Mobile view for groups table

Release 233

New: Bulk select members on members directory and add to group or create new group.
New: Next meeting, last meeting, meeting frequency, active goals, past due goals, start date, end date and # of members columns on group tables
New: Filter groups by number of member and meeting frequency on group tables
New: Filter members on member tables
New: Show member timezone in member tables
New: User role column on member tables
New: # of groups column on member tables
Update: Organization Owner, Admins and Facilitators can assign goals to others- members can only create goals for themselves and can also edit others goals when permission has been granted
Update: Messaging ux/ui improvements
Update: Goals ux/ui improvements
Update: Member Directory ux/ui improvements
Fix: Meeting agenda sounds are on by default and can be muted from left menu
Fix: Messaging notifications shown on main menu icon, browser tab and browser push

Release 232

Updated: User name shown on avatar hover
Updated: Adjusted side panel animation to improve ux
Updated: Removed delete icon from group page
Updated: Entire row click targets in tables
Updated: Ellipses menu interaction for Goals
Menu can open on tap or hover
Removed delay when opening via hover
Updated default container to show click area
Active state shown when menu is open
Updated: Account Settings UX/UI improvements
Page headings
Label and description to turn “Messaging Feature” on/off in the general settings
Updated: Chat visual styles
Input style
Spacing issues on modal
Color of unread message notice
Unread notification colors
Channel Member’s panel height
Circle plus buttons centered
Circle plus button should uses org button color
Spacing between channel type header and count
Count text color matches label text color
Font size on avatar for initials
Mobile hamburger uses org button color
Sidebar active state uses org color
Sidebar hover state
Fixed: “View Details” button for 3rd party conference meetings opens “Meeting Detail” page
Fixed: Removed + channel button for “Groups” channels

Why Your Meeting Needs An Agenda and How To Create One

If you want to run an effective meeting, you need to have a clear agenda in place. An agenda helps keep your meeting on track, and it ensures that everyone is aware of the topics that will be discussed. In this blog post, we will discuss why having an agenda is so important, and we… Read more »

Release 227

Fixed: Chat loading errors

Fixed: Device and Browser compatibility improvements

Updated: Minor UI/UX improvements

Release 223

Fixed: Error message for custom email domain
Fixed: Group title displayed on members cards
Fixed: Goals not showing in meeting
Fixed: Goal links open in new window from active meeting
Fixed: Meeting guests removal bug
New: Facilitators can mute agenda sounds
New: Meeting guests shown on meeting history
New: Clickable Links in meeting notes
New: Change default routing for users without a group
New: Show agenda details on meeting history
New: Stop recording in meeting
New: Delete meeting recordings
New: Additional Rollbar.js integration for bug tracking
New: Add Swagger and Swagger-UI for API documentation
New: Hide organization switcher for members with only one group
New: Add “Copy invite link” feature
New: Clickable agenda links