meeting history

Release 247

New: Allow participants to use custom backgrounds during virtual meetings

New: Improved video layout for high capacity meetings (> 10 participants)

New: Improved audio/video for high capacity meetings (> 10 participants)

New Improved audio/video quality for primary speaker/presenter during virtual meetings

New: Improved chat interface with additional formatting options

New: Noise cancelation in virtual meeting room using Krisp

New: Option for Admin/Facilitator to set redirect for meeting guests when meeting ends

New: Include segment details on meeting history page

New: Direct messages available during all meeting types

New: Live agenda for in person meetings

New: Live notes during in person meetings

New: Live chat during in person meetings

New: Attendance tracking for in person meetings

New: Optional email reminder sent when in person meeting starts

Updated: Link in meeting started email reminder links to live agenda for 3rd party conference meetings

Upgraded: Video quality during virtual meetings

Upgraded: Include time period in email subject line for activity summary emails

Updated: Password reset pages and email are white labeled when custom domain and email are in use.

Fixed: Connection errors during virtual meetings

Fixed: Incorrect message showing when members were upgraded to facilitators

Fixed: Support email delivery bug

Fixed: Chat loading bugs

Fixed: Next meeting date not showing on group meeting table

Fixed: Various bugs and UX issues

Release 234

New: All usernames link to user profiles
New: Chat flash notifications include Nucleus logo or custom organization logo
Update: Group Details UI/UX improvements
Update: Organization Settings UI/UX improvements
Update: Join Meeting link removed from chat after meeting ends
Update: All systems messages in chat include date and timestamp
Fix: Meeting history page only shows chats posted during the associated meeting

Release 229

Fixed: 3rd party meetings move to past meeting page after scheduled end time.

Fixed: 3rd party meeting “view details” button links correctly to details page before a meeting starts.

Fixed: Audio/Mic crossing bug

Updated: Longer group names

Release 211

Fixed: Camera settings not saved from pre-check bug
Fixed: Chat avatar bug
Fixed: Past meeting table math
New: Skip pre-check if you’ve already joined a meeting and refresh
New: Update table styles on Group Detail Members tab
New: Guests with accounts prompted to login

Release 207

New: Allow facilitator to make new groups/ update facilitator role
Fix: Chat time stamp during the meeting
Fix: Group chat not working for organizations that had chat set to private
Update: Add past meeting tab to the meeting page
Update: Chat cleanup

Release 206

New: Allow members to use community chat without being in a group
Update: Chat sync enhancements
Update: General UX improvements
Update: WP SSO setup improvements
Update: Migrated past meetings table to Ant Design + Enhance
Update: Moved past meeting detail to new page

Release 202

New: Show event log of users joining/leaving meeting on history page
New: Create and delete message channels
New: Unread message badges for active message channels
Updated: Mobile message open context menu functions
Updated: Migrated past meetings table to Ant Design + Enhancements
Updated: Meeting start/ended indicator styles and add link to join/summary
Fixed: Member accepted invite email bug
Fixed: Minor UX fixes
Fixed: Video source switching when camera turned off/on

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Release 195

Updated: Group detail tab design
Fixed: Custom domain error
Fixed: Trial Subscription error
New: Messages with attached files added to history chat (Document uploads in chat)
Fixed: Video Error

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