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A single communication platform for meetings, messaging, tasks, notes, and documents. Designed to improve focus and productivity.

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You spend half of your time in meetings.
Make them meaningful.

Organize more effective meetings with agendas, timers, tasks and notes built into the meeting experience. Watch productivity and satisfaction climb as meetings take on a new life.

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Messages threads that don't get lost in remote tools.

Whether you’re in a meeting or discussing a project -- with nucleus, your messages persist. You’ll spend less time searching for old communications and more time getting things done.

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Tasks that stay with you until their done.

Increase accountability and performance with tasks that remain present throughout meetings, messages, and projects.

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Divide and conquer. Organize your people not just the work.

Orchestrate meaningful collaboration and efficiently manage people in your organization -- whether you call them teams, task forces, masterminds, or groups.

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Take notes anytime, connect them to anything.

Easily share notes with others and associate them to meetings, projects, people or tasks.

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Share documents easily and find them quickly.

Convenient file sharing helps everyone find the information they need to do their best work.

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Eliminate the communication overload that prevents you from doing the work that matters

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