Virtual Classes

Run Focused and Engaging Virtual Classes

Enhance your students learning with virtual meetings that include goal tracking, agendas, and timers. 

Keep students focused and engaged by having everything in one place instead of searching through 5-7 different tools. 

With nucleus, you can help more students, and get better results by having centralized communication for your virtual classes. 

Get everything you need with one tool. Run productive and engaging virtual classes without all the hassle. 

Class Management

  • Create groups, invite students, assign facilitators.
  • Visualize your classes at a glance and gain valuable insights. 
  • Keep track of all your classes and students in one place. 


  • Plan and schedule all your classes on the shared calendar
  • Set your curriculum in advance.

Video Conferencing

  • No-download conferences re-imagined for better results.
  • Integrated features such as on-screen timers, agendas, and note-taking.

Agendas and Timers

  • Organize meetings using the customized agenda tool incorporated right into the video conference experience.
  • Integrated timers keep meetings on track.

Goal Tracking

  • Set and assign unlimited goals with milestones with due dates for your students.
  • Increase accountability with goals that are displayed during virtual meetings. 
  • Automated reminders boost goal completion rates. 

Group Chat

  • A single hub to share resources and chat during or between classes.
  • Stay connected with a message thread that continues after the meeting ends.

Central Repository for Information

  • Every meeting is saved in your history. 
  • Final meeting length, agenda, chat, and recording can be easily accessed.
  • Measure everything to improve accountability.
  • Attendance rates are tracked for every student.

White-label and Branding

  • Use your own domain for hosting and emails.  
  • Add your logo and customize the brand color.
  • Customize your emails

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