We’re on a mission to make virtual group programs effortless and efficient

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The problem

Running virtual programs requires coordinating across too many platforms making it inefficient and difficult to scale. There is not a true solution in-market for managing groups and meetings for virtual programs over time. Agendas, goals, and documents are isolated in independent tools.

This creates a disjointed and confusing experience for both members and organizers.

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The solution

Our vision is to bring all the key aspects of the most successful and engaging group programs into one platform. Make it easy to plan and allocate members across multiple programs empowering organizers to spend more time on creating meaningful experiences for their groups.

Combine groups, meetings, chat, agendas, and goals into a single experience.

Our mission

Our mission is to eliminate communication overload and help people focus on doing the work that matters. Centralized communication unites projects, meetings, messages, tasks, and notes into a single platform so teams work together more effectively to increase productivity and do their best work.

We’re different from other virtual meeting and messaging software because everything is connected. Meetings have built-in agendas, timers, action items, and notes. Message threads continue after meetings end to keep the conversation going. It has to be easy to look back so you can improve and create accountability to drive results.

We built the nucleus platform to help distributed companies, teams, remote classes, masterminds, roundtables, and other groups reclaim hours lost checking emails, responding to chats in real-time, and searching for lost communication.

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What we stand for

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Bringing people together is the essence of what we do. We want to create harmonious experiences in a time when the world appears to be divided.

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We believe it’s up to individual brain trusts to solve the world’s biggest problems. We’ll be humbled if some of those problems are solved in our app.

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Shared Success

The more successful our customers are, the more successful we are. We want your business to flourish as much as ours.

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We’re committed to protecting digital rights and disclosing how data is used. Our customers always have a right to their data.

Our story

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An idea

Jun 2016

Like many company founders, Jeff and Sebastian found themselves with a problem: they were in a peer-to-peer mastermind group that lacked structure and organization. They thought, “Let’s fix this.”

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Beta launched

Nov 2018

The first version of the product was focused on simple agendas and goals. It was an effort to eliminate a few of the Excel sheets that comprised the system they had for running the group.

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Video launched

Aug 2019

After spending some time in the market and gathering feedback, two consistent patterns emerged that defined the product direction: add video and focus on professional facilitators.

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Custom branding and domains

Dec 2019

As the focus turned to professional organizers, it became clear that they would benefit from branding the platform as their own and hosting it within their existing ecosystem.

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First paid customers

Apr 2020

For the first of couple years, the product was provided for free in exchange for feedback and patience as we improved the product. Adding custom branding proved a compelling enough addition for our first paid client.

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Angel raise

May 2020

After being approached by many private companies who shared the need for a platform to manage group programs at scale, an investment was secured to fund the development of more features.

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Rebranded to nucleus

Sep 2020

Mastermind Manager proved to be too narrow of a definition for the type of audiences the product appealed to. To expand the use cases, a rebrand was in order.

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Chat launched

Mar 2021

Chat needed to expand outside of the meeting experience to provide a full communication solution for group programs. Channels and DMs were added as a core feature of the product.

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More to come...

Date TBD

Check out our roadmap if you’re curious to see what’s next.

The team

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Sebastian Broways

Co-founder, Head of Product

Sebastian is a proven leader experienced in harnessing big ideas while developing and guiding the processes required to deliver innovative, impeccably-executed digital products. He has a passion for all aspects of product creation, including design, product management, and development. nucleus enables him to combine his love for digital with the power of masterminds and human connection. Creating an experience that empowers facilitators to run life-changing groups is the ultimate goal.

Outside of work, Sebastian enjoys traveling the world with his wife, son, and dog. He hails from Utah and has spent much of his life backpacking and enjoying the outdoors. For the time being, he's settled in Austin where he's hoping to stay weird.

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Jeff Hopp

Co-founder, Head of Business Development

Jeff is an experienced marketer and sales person who spent 15 years working for global Fortune 500 brands selling mortgages and financial services. After harnessing the power of mastermind groups in 2012, he left the corporate world to start his own marketing agency to create and sell digital products and help businesses generate leads. His focus is on the intersection of relationships and technology. nucleus was born from his vision of creating a tool to help make the best mastermind groups in the world better.

Originally from Colorado, Jeff enjoys spending time outdoors hiking, snowboarding and climbing 14'ers. He is passoniate about fitness, basketball, golf and exploring the world with his 3 kids.


Anderson Advisors

Investor and advisor

Anderson Advisors is a business planning and consulting firm with a focus on providing high-quality services and resources to real estate investors, stock traders, solopreneurs and business owners.


Private investor

nucleus completed a small round of friends and family funding in May of 2019.

Do you want to take part in this mission?

We’re currently looking for new investors and partners. If what we’re building speaks to you, reach out and let’s see where it goes.

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