Branded Video Conferencing

Host engaging meetings unlike any other virtual meeting experience.

Screen Sharing

Share your screen or presentation during the meeting for all participants to see.

Meeting Recording

Automatic (optional) meeting recording so participants or people who missed the meeting can watch or download

Meeting Agendas

Keep your meetings on track with agendas that are built into the meeting experience for all participants to see.

Meeting Timers

The on screen timer is shown during the meeting keeps meetings running smoothly because everyone can see exactly how much time has been allotted and how much time is remaining. The timer even changes from green to red when it’s time to move to the next topic to make the meeting easier to facilitate.

Meeting Minutes (Meeting Notes)

Built in notes that are visible to all meeting participants during , saved to the meeting history page and included in an optional wrap up email.

Meeting History Log

Easily view past meetings to review what was shared and who attended.

Meeting Attendance Tracking

Member Management

Add all your group program members to the app so they can participate in your program.

Member profiles

Unlock networking potential by including more than the basics.

Group Management

Shuffle groups and members however you need to keep your customers engaged.

Group Calendar

Real-time Chat Messaging

Public and private channels, with group dedicated channels that continue through meetings.

Community Message Chanels (Forum)

Group Messaging

Direct Messages

Goal Reminders

Goal Tracking and Milestones

Don’t let priorities get away from you with goals integrated into the meetings and beyond.

Facilitator Role

Permissions and Sharing

Ensure your customers have the right visibility to participate and receive guidance from facilitators.

White Label

Custom Domain