Branded Video Conferencing

With this feature, you can host virtual meetings that are uniquely branded with your own logo and design. This helps to create a professional and cohesive experience for your participants.

Screen Sharing

The screen sharing feature allows you to share your screen or presentation with all participants during a meeting. This can be useful for demonstrating a product, showcasing a slide deck, or sharing other visual content.

Meeting Recording

The optional meeting recording feature allows you to automatically record your meetings for later review or for those who missed the meeting. Participants can watch or download the recording at their convenience.

Meeting Agendas

The built-in meeting agendas help to keep your meetings organized and on track. All participants can see the agenda, which can help them stay focused and prepared for the meeting.

Meeting Timers

The on-screen timer is visible to all participants during a meeting and helps to ensure that meetings run smoothly. The timer shows how much time has been allotted for each topic and turns red when it’s time to move on to the next item.

Meeting Minutes (Meeting Notes)

The built-in meeting notes are visible to all participants during the meeting and are saved to the meeting history page. They can also be included in an optional wrap-up email. This feature helps to ensure that important information and discussions from the meeting are not lost.

Meeting History Log

The meeting history log allows you to easily view past meetings and review what was shared and who attended. This can be useful for keeping track of progress and reviewing key points from previous meetings.

Meeting Attendance Tracking

With this feature, you can track attendance for each meeting, which can be useful for ensuring that all necessary participants are present.

Member Management

The member management feature allows you to add all of the members of your group or program to the app so that they can participate in your program.

Member profiles

The member profiles feature allows you to include more information about your members beyond the basics, which can help to unlock networking potential.

Group Management

The group management feature allows you to shuffle groups and members as needed to keep your customers engaged.

Group Calendar

The group calendar feature allows you to schedule and view upcoming meetings and events in real-time.

Real-time Chat Messaging

With this feature, you can engage in real-time chat with public and private channels, as well as group-dedicated channels that carry over through meetings.

Community Message Chanels (Forum)

The community message channels feature provides a forum-like space where members can engage in discussions and share information with one another.

Group Messaging

The group messaging feature allows you to send messages to specific groups within your program.

Direct Messages

The direct messaging feature allows you to send private messages to individual members.

Goal Reminders

The goal reminders feature helps to ensure that you stay on track with your priorities by sending reminders about your goals.

Goal Tracking and Milestones

The goal tracking and milestones feature allows you to set and track progress towards specific goals, which can help to increase accountability and visibility.

Facilitator Role

The facilitator role feature allows you to assign specific permissions and sharing controls to facilitators to ensure that they have the visibility and tools they need to effectively guide their participants.

Permissions and Sharing

Ensure that your customers have the necessary visibility and access to participate in activities and receive guidance from facilitators. This will help create a positive and engaging experience for your customers and facilitate their progress and success.

White Label

The white label feature allows you to customize the platform with your own branding, url and email sending domain.

Custom Domain

The custom domain feature allows you to use your own domain name for your platform.


The SSO (Single Sign-On) feature allows you to use your own login system for accessing the platform so members have fewer usernames and passwords to keep track of.


The Nucleus API allows for seamless integration with other software and applications, enabling you to easily transfer information in and out of Nucleus and automate many tasks related to managing groups and members. This can greatly streamline and optimize the process of running groups and improving member management.