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Only pay for core members. Every plan includes unlimited meeting guests.*


Start simple. Great for small teams with fewer meetings.

$7 / mo

per core member

  • 500 meeting minutes per member
  • 5 GB storage per member
  • Unlimited meeting guests
  • Unlimited goals and groups
  • Custom branding
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For mid-size companies and start-ups with daily communication.

$14 / mo

per core member

  • 1000 meeting minutes per member
  • 20 GB storage per member
  • Unlimited meeting guests
  • Unlimited goals and groups
  • Custom branding and emails
  • Custom domains
  • Integrations
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For enterprise customers with additional requirements.

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  • Unlimited meeting minutes
  • 100 GB storage per member
  • Unlimited meeting guests
  • Unlimited goals and groups
  • Custom branding and emails
  • Custom domains
  • Integrations
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Every plan includes all these great features

And more coming on the roadmap.

virtual meeting icon
Amazing virtual meetings

Host engaging meetings unlike any other virtual meeting experience.

meeting planning and agendas icon
Meeting planning and agendas

Create agendas to keep your meetings on track with in-meeting timers.

meeting history icon
Automated meeting history

Easily view past meetings to review what was shared and who attended.

real time chat icon
Real-time chat

Public and private channels, with group dedicated channels that continue through meetings.

team and group management icon
Group management

Shuffle groups and members however you need to keep your customers engaged.

member profiles icon
Member profiles

Unlock networking potential by including more than the basics.

goals and milestones icon
Goals and milestones

Don't let priorities get away from you with goals integrated into the meetings and beyond.

guest account icon
Meeting guests

Let guests join your meeting with the option to turn them into a core member.

permissions management icon
Permission and sharing

Ensure your customers have the right visibility to participate and receive guidance from facilitators.

Calculate your average monthly meeting minutes

Enter your average daily meetings and we'll do the math.

Estimated weekly minutes needed 3600 minutes

Estimated monthly minutes needed 15840 minutes

All of the core members minutes are pooled for the organization. *Guests can join meetings without being a core member, but their minutes are taken from the organization pool.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Core members have access to all the features included in each plan. There are multiple roles, such as admins and managers, but each incurs the same cost. Consider it a user seat.
  • Meeting guests are meeting attendees that aren't core member of the organization. They consume meeting minutes and storage (if they share images or files) that count against the organization's total quota, but incur no other costs. There is no limit to the number of meeting guests an organization can have except the organization quotas. In the future, we plan on expanding the features that guests can access in order to improve our product offerings and limit the Core Member subscription to customers that you can extract value from to offset the costs.
  • For each member in your organization, you are alloted meeting minutes per month according to your plan. Those minutes are put into a pool for the organization. For each minute a core member or guest spends in an active video conference, minutes are counted again the total quota. For example, if you have two members under the Plus plan, your organization has a total of 2000 minutes per month. If you host one meeting with 4 people for 30 minutes, you would consume 120 minutes (4x30).
  • On the Organization Settings > Plan page you can view your consumption for minutes and storage.
  • Please contact us for a quote on additional minutes. We don't currently offer additional minutes to be purchased via the app, but will have some add-ons in the future. Don't worry, we won't cut you off mid-meeting if your quota is fully consumed.
  • For every file stored on our servers, including images and files shared in chat and recordings, a cumulative total is tracked against your total quota. As with meeting minutes, your quota is pooled together for your organization. If you have two members with a Plus plan, you have 40GB of total storage for the organization.
  • Please contact us for a quote on additional storage.
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